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Will Huff is a Chicago-based composer who works in health care in order to eat and pay the rent.

He is less concerned with getting from point A to point B than he is with open-ended forms and conceptual frameworks. His music relies less on narrative structures than it does on single ideas, often beginning in media res and ending before...


He has collaborated with theater companies, choreographers, filmmakers, playwrights, and instrument builders including the Nordic-inspired Akvavit Theatre, choreographer and filmmaker Monica Thomas, Chicago's only all-female opera improv group Forte Chicago, and instrument builder and synthesizer enthusiast Samuel Lifton.


His music has been heard throughout the U.S. and internationally. He has worked with the Fort Smith Symphony Orchestra, the JCA Composer's Orchestra (formally known as the JCFA Composer's Orchestra), the JACK Quartet, the University of Arkansas Orchestra, the University of Iowa Kantorei, and the Center for New Music Ensemble, based in Iowa City. Festivals that have featured his music include Omaha Under the Radar, the University of Iowa's New Music Symposium, Midwest Composers Symposium, Exchange of Midwest Collegiate Composers, the Eastern Trombone Workshop, as well as countless film festivals.


Will Huff earned his Ph.D. in Music at the University of Iowa where he served as a Teaching Assistant in Composition & Theory as well as Associate Director to the Electronic Music Studios, directed by Lawrence Fritts. He also managed events for the iHearIC concert series (2012-2014 seasons) and led the development and construction of a set of eight hemisphere speakers for the establishment of the laptop orchestra at the University of Iowa, LOUi. His Max/MSP patch HarpMusic (2013) debuted the speakers in the spring of 2014.


David Gompper, Lawrence Fritts, Michael Schelle, Frank Felice, and Robert Mueller have all made significant contributions to developing Will Huff's compositional voice by nurturing his craft. His research focuses on the liminal aspects of music, heuristic modeling, and algorithmic modeling. 



For Will Huff's CV, click here.

photo: Soul Threading         

Hemisphere speaker, built for LOUi

HarpMusic (2013)                                 

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